Hearts for Hope

Hearts for Hope

Hearts for Hope

From the State Government’s statistic in 2013, there are 10,086 households registered under the hardcore poor category in Penang with average monthly income of less than RM740 per family.

Junior Chamber International Entrepreneur Metropolitan (“JCI E-Metro”) is pleased to partner with Penang State Government of our project for 2011, Hearts For Hope Partners Against Poverty Project. Working hand in hand, we shall be undertaking the task of organizing a series of projects in an effort to eradicate hardcore poverty through education in Penang.

We recognize that one of the main causes of hardcore poverty is lack of education and skills. As a non-profit organization dedicated to continuous learning and providing development opportunities to empower young people to create positive change, we are uniquely positioned to successfully raise awareness to this important task to “end poverty”.

The slogan of Hearts For Hope Partners Against Poverty Project Project is “Kemiskinan Berakhir Apabila Pendidikan Bermula”, “Poverty Ends when Education Begins” & “消除贫穷, 由教育开始”. It reflects the importance and needs for us to stress the importance of education in eradicating poverty, which is in line with the views of our State Government and the United Nations to end poverty through universal education.

 Poverty Ends when Education Begins

消除贫穷, 由教育开始

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