The Metro 2014 vol.1

The Metro 2014 vol.1

2014 President - Choo Chee Wai
2014 President – Choo Chee Wai

Message from 2014 President

A few days before Christmas in 2009, I received a valuable present that I treasure so much since then; I became a member of JCI Entrepreneur Metropolitan (“JCI E-Metro”), and begin my never ending learning journey with JCI.

One main thing that attracted me to be part of JCI is the opportunity to enrich myself with the knowledge and experience of different people from different areas. I always believe “Education is the fundamental of everything, Execution is the key to success, and Experience is the rewards you accumulate in developing an individual.”

Mentorship and learning by doing is the key emphasis in JCI E-Metro. Four years in JCI E-Metro, I have been given the opportunity to take up different roles and responsibilities as the board of directors and projects team member. My skills of strategic planning, making decision, organizing, public speaking, communicating have improved with the guidance from all my mentors, seniors and peers.

Four years as a member of JCI E-Metro, it’s time for me to lead and contribute to our beloved organization. It is my honor to be given the mandate to serve all E-Metrorians. My Presidential Theme is I.T. – Initiative and Teamwork. My vision is to build JCI E-Metro to be the local organization with the most active citizen leaders that care and contribute to the society.

Choo Chee Wai
2014 President

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